End Hunger USA 2030

EndHungerUSA2030 is a national call to action to eliminate U.S. hunger by engaging citizens in a national conversation, promoting a positive change, inviting participation and action, and generating the non-partisan public will to end hunger.

Americans can join this movement by answering the simple question:
Do you believe that no one in America should go hungry?
As Americans choose to join the EndHungerUSA movement, they can add their individual voice to support the national movement of people committed to ending hunger in America by 2030. Every “yes” moves us closer to the goal.

There are many nonprofit organizations that are working hard to reach this goal, providing emergency food to families in need, helping Americans find good-paying jobs, expanding access to healthy food, and educating families about good nutrition. Many corporations are supporting programs to assist food-insecure families and individuals and are investing in new initiatives that will help bring US hunger to an end. There are also important government programs that support Americans at risk of hunger and have had a significant impact on lowering food insecurity in the United States.

But these essential programs are always at risk of being defunded when there is no public pressure on government officials to continue or increase funding for them. Unfortunately, while there was increased support during the COVID-19 pandemic for many families who had lost their jobs because of the lockdown, that support is now ending, and we are seeing food insecurity increase in the last year. According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), at least one million more families experienced significant hunger in 2022 compared to the previous year. The food insecurity rate for households with children was 17.3% in 2022, up from 12.5% in 2021 and a high since 2015. And some government officials are trying to reduce food assistance even more. It’s critical that we don’t slide backward and make food security even more difficult for struggling families.

That’s why the EndHungerUSA2030 movement is so important. We are inviting Americans to step up and be counted. What is missing is the public will — millions of Americans engaging in the conversation and taking a public stand to end hunger in the world’s richest country. We are building a popular movement to bring attention to the issue of food insecurity in America, highlight the negative impact increasing food insecurity will have on our young people, and generate the media attention it deserves.

We intend to reach out to individual Americans, influencers, celebrities, leaders, employers, schools and universities, faith communities, membership organizations — everyone we can — and invite them to join this important movement, be counted and add their voices so that decision-makers can hear all of us. And we are creatively using powerful new tools such as social media and other evolving technologies to do it.

Elected officials typically pay close attention to those who can get or keep them elected — seniors, Veterans, gun owners, etc. — because they actively voice their concerns and show up to vote. We believe that the number of Americans who care about our fellow citizens and want US hunger to finally end is larger than any other constituency in America. But Americans have never been asked to make the end of US hunger a national priority…until now.

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