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Founded in 1983 by actor Jeff Bridges and other celebrities, the End Hunger Network has worked with the entertainment community to encourage, stimulate and create media projects, programs and events aimed at ending hunger.

Through cooperative efforts with writers, directors, celebrities, media executives, nonprofit organizations, corporations, community and service groups, the End Hunger Network motivates U.S. citizens to participate in the growing movement to end hunger.

According to 2022 data, food insecurity affected 17.3% (6.4 million) of households with children, meaning parents could not buy enough food for their families, considerably higher than the rate for households without children (9.4%).

We can do better.

  1. This is the richest country in history.
  2. It’s the 21st Century.
  3. There is enough food.
  4. There are solutions to end hunger.
  5. Hunger is not inevitable.
  6. Individuals can make a difference.

The End Hunger Network is a nonprofit charity organization.
Federal ID #95-3745095
Board of Directors and Advisory Group

“A Place at the Table” (2012) full movie is available on DVD or streaming platforms.

Hunger is a fixable problem.

 We thank you for your support and participation in helping change the public conversation
​about hunger in America and the world, and making the end of hunger a national priority.
Together we have done some innovative stuff that made a difference!

Some of Our Programs Over the Years

July 13, 1985 live satellite broadcast from Wembley Stadium in London and JFK Stadium in Philadelphia

The LIVE AID concert was a landmark event for the campaign to end hunger and brought a new consciousness to the world in 1985.  On the same day, concerts inspired by the initiative were held in other countries, such as the Soviet Union, Canada, Japan, Yugoslavia, Austria, Australia, and West Germany. It was one of the largest satellite linkups (12) and television broadcasts of all time. An estimated audience of 1.9 billion, in 150 nations, watched the live broadcast, nearly 40 percent of the world population. This largest media event ever provided a unique opportunity to educate massive numbers of people about ending hunger anfd solicit support for the growing famine in Africa. 
Leading performers at Live Aid included: Ozzie Osbourne, Sting, Phil Collins, Madonna, Elvis Costello, BB King, Crosby Stills & Nash, Bob Dylan, U2, The Beach Boys, Queen, David Bowie, Mick Jagger, The Pretenders, The Who, Elton John, George Michael, Tom Petty, Kenny Loggins, Eric Clapton, Led Zeppelin, Patti LaBelle, Hall & Oates, and Tina Turner.
The End Hunger Network was asked by Worldwide Sports and Entertainment, the producers of the U.S. portion of the concert, to write and produce all the educational and fundraising materials for this 16-hour global event.  In addition, the End Hunger Network was responsible for writing the script used by performers and television hosts who anchored the concert.

Selected Performances from Live Aid, Wembley Stadium, London

The live broadcast then switched to the United States location: JFK Stadium in Philadelphia.

​Selected Performances from Live Aid, JFK Stadium, Philadelphia

A week of primetime television
broadcasting from
​December 11 to 16, 1989

PRIME TIME TO END HUNGER brought together the three major TV networks for the first time to air special episodes of primetime TV shows. Episodes of top shows dealt creatively with hunger, homelessness and volunteerism. Through their favorite shows, viewers were informed about the issues and urged to get involved.

With Nielsen estimates attached, the participating shows included:

  • Designing Women (CBS) – 39 million viewers
  • The Golden Girls (2 episodes, NBC) – 48 million viewers each
  • Head of the Class (ABC) – 34 million viewers
  • Cheers (NBC) – 52 million viewers
  • thirtysomething (ABC) – 29 million viewers
  • Jake and the Fatman (CBS) – 33 million viewers
Part of the design of the initiative was to have one of the stars of each of the shows invite viewers to volunteer in their local communities.  Viewers were invited to make a phone call to request a brochure that gave information on how to volunteer effectively – the first “consumer’s guide” to volunteering.  AT&T, MCI and Sprint cooperated for the first time to provide national coverage of interactive voice response units to handle the expected volume of calls. The End Hunger Network developed a  national database of local volunteer opportunities so the brochure could be personalized to every recipient’s zipcode with a local phone number.
The End Hunger Network enrolled a number of national partners who promoted the initiative among their members and supporters, including: Volunteer-The National Center, United Way of America, American Red Cross, Catholic Charities, Council of Jewish Federations, National Council of Churches and the Salvation Army.
The initiative was launched at a White House Rose Garden ceremony, featuring President George H. Bush and the heads of ABC, NBC and CBS.  Polaroid Education Program developed a curriculum to assist teachers in developing lessons around helping others and improving local neighborhoods.  Other corporate sponsors included Archer-Daniels-Midland, Sony Corporation of America, A&M Records and Films, Ampex Corporation, Webcraft Technologies, Atlantic Video and Land O’Lakes.
The production companies of the individual shows (Columbia, MGM/UA, Viacom, Universal, Walt Disney and Warner Brothers) each contributed to advertise the initiative in People magazine and newspapers in the largest TV markets. As Warren Littlefield, President of NBC Entertainment, said, “As broadcast executives, we strive to entertain and enlighten.  We believe that television can touch peoples’ lives and, once that happens, individuals can make a choice to make a difference.”

HIDDEN IN AMERICA, a feature film produced by Showtime Original Pictures, was created and developed by the End Hunger Network in 1996.  It was nominated for three Emmy Awards, one Golden Globe Award, two Golden Satellite Awards, one Screen Actors Guild Award and one Writer’s Guild of America Award.
Golden Globe Award-winner Beau Bridges is an unemployed blue-collar working fighting to save the family he loves in this deeply inspiring film.  After losing both his wife and his assembly line job, Bill Januson (Bridges) suddenly finds he’s unable to put food on the table for his two young children.  But when a sympathetic doctor (Oscar nominee Bruce Davison) offers to help, Bill’s stubborn pride keeps him from accepting.  Then his 11-year-old son tries to take on the role of bread-winner, and the near-tragic result compels Bill to make the life-affirming decision to reach out for the compassion his family needs to survive.
Also featuring Oscar winners Jeff Bridges and Frances McDormand, Hidden in America is a poignant, powerfully moving story of courage, sacrifice and the dignity of the human spirit.  An educational curriculum was developed to accompany distribution of this film to classrooms.

​This video can be purchased online.*

FAST FORWARD TO END HUNGER, a three-year joint venture by the End Hunger Network and the Video Software Dealers Association, was an in-store fundraising and awareness program specifically designed to raise funds for hungry children in local communities.
Thousands of video retailers across America, major and independent film companies, home video distributors, duplicators and other industry businesses participated in this unprecedented program.  At no cost to participating retailers, 100% of all funds raised went directly back to the community in which they were raised.
A complete in-store merchandising kit was provided free, including a counter display, shelf talker, window cling, bag stuffer and campaign certificate.  Sample press releases and celebrity public service announcements on in-store loops and major video releases helped let customers know about the campaign.
More than $3 million was raised by the campaign and was distributed to Second Harvest (now Feeding America) food banks within the communities where retailers participated.

The End Hunger Network and the Center on Hunger & Poverty developed a plan for a national media initiative that would support state-by-state action to end childhood hunger by raising awareness and mobilizing action through education, fundraising events and coalition-building.  The Entertainment Industry Foundation obtained the support of Unilever Bestfoods as a founding sponsor.
The goal of HUNGER FREE AMERICA was to make ending childhood hunger a national priority, focusing on the expansion of breakfast, lunch and dinner programs in public schools, and raising necessary funds to feed at-risk families. Hunger Free America was a concentrated effort, working with statewide coalitions (including celebrities born in those states, governors’ offices, nonprofit groups, churches, corporations and other leaders), to bring about the kinds of needed changes required to assist families of hungry children. Public Service Announcements were developed to give voice to hungry people experiencing food insecurity, sharing their creative solutions for addressing their own food insecurity.









The phone number was a national hunger hotline referring hungry individuals and families to local food assistance programs. Note: The Hunger-Free Hotline number has changed to 1-866-3-HUNGRY (1-866-348-6479)

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